Kelly Clarkson Mocks ‘American Idol’ in ‘Duets’ Promo

ALTThough American Idol made Kelly Clarkson famous, apparently she’s still bitter about having to participate in From Justin To Kelly. First, Clarkson appeared as a mentor on Idol‘s arch-nemesis The Voice, and now the promo for Duets is parodying the singing competition that started it all.

After featuring characters clearly based on Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, the voice over declares, “In a landscape where music shows are all the same, one will break through.” Then the ad features the Duets judges: Clarkson, Jennifer Nettles, Robin Thicke, and Lionel Richie (who was actually replaced by John Legend on Monday). Apparently the folks who made the promo didn’t see the irony in advertising that Duets has an original concept by copying Apple’s famous “1984” ad.


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