Ken Jeong to Bring His ‘Community’ Shtick to ‘Spy’… Unless He Keeps Doing It On ‘Community’

Ken Jeong

Ken Jeong’s shtick is one of those polarizing brands of comedy that you either passionately hate or have grown complacently used to over the years because he’s often surrounded by pretty funny people. Even the most steadfast of Community fans often scorn the Chang-heavy episodes, thinking the actor’s gambit a bit too over-the-top for the clever series. But Jeong is not without the ability to land a laugh — he just requires more of a downplayed character. And the United Kingdom, where understated humor grows on Ankerwyckes, might be granting Jeong that very sort of character. Deadline reports that the Hangover and Community vet will be taking a role in the ABC pilot Spy, the remake of a British comedy series that ran from 2011-’12.

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The series follows the misadventures of a bumbling, good-natured everyman who inadvertently finds himself employed as a secret agent for the government. Taking this role in the developing American incarnation is the escalating comedic presence Rob Corddry (another from the Community stomping grounds); playing his hostile ex-wife will be Paget Brewster.

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The role to be taken by Jeong could very well be the perfect amount of lunacy for the actor: Jeong will be playing Corddry’s boss, a borderline sociopath with an odd affection for his newest employee. If Jeong contains his performance to a seething nuttiness, right at the brim of all-out bonkers, we might be in for a triumph. However, there is the chance that Jeong will have to forfeit his character on Spy, as he is only signed on in second position to his role on Community. If the NBC sitcom earns a fifth season (unlikely, but who thought they’d get this far?), Spy will have to fill the void with another actor entirely, as the world will be gearing up for another year of Chang.

Perish the thought.

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