Kevin Dillon to Star in Pilot from ‘Always Sunny’ Writer

Kevin Dillon CBS PilotNo more Drama for Kevin Dillon. Now that Entourage is in the final stages — we’ll see the conclusion of the HBO series this summer — Dillon is moving onto other projects, namely with a starring role in a new pilot for CBS.

The project comes from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s writer and the character known as Cricket, David Hornsby. He’ll take the lead as Alan, a writer who does a weekly column about how to be a gentleman — hence the show’s title, How to Be a Gentleman. All we know about Johnny-Drama-no-more’s role is that his name will be Bert. Well, it doesn’t look like Dillon’s prospects have improved as far as his character’s name goes; sharing a name with one half of a Sesame Street duo doesn’t quite have the same ring as Johnny Drama of Vincent Chase, the movie star’s, entourage, but we’ll see.

While I seriously doubt Hornsby will have the freedom that a channel like FX allows him with It’s Always Sunny, I think that with the addition of someone like Dillon, we can be certain that this show will differ from your typical CBS fare — and that’s a refreshing notion if you ask me.

Source: Reuters