Khloe Kardashian Discusses “Not a Real Kardashian” Rumors: Late Last Night

The rumors questioning Khloe Kardashian’s true Kardashianity have been circulating for a while now, rooting themselves in the fact that she looks quite a bit different from her diminutive sisters Kim and Kourtney. And Khloe doesn’t so much mind the rumors—she’s more or less used to them—but there is one line that she thinks it is unacceptable to cross: do not talk smack about her father. Whatever her true bloodline might be, Khloe’s got some good old family pride.

Betty White’s relevance seems indestructible; the ninety year-old comedian is winning awards, starring in movies, and getting birthday messages from some pretty impressive people. Namely: President Barack Obama. Just last month, marking White’s transcendence into nonagenarianity, the president sent her a special birthday card, complete with a special request.

Let Us Play with Your Look: a revolutionary fashiontainment innovation. Don Cheadle and Jimmy Fallon make up the wonder-team that Plays with Looks of all sorts, allowing their lucky clientele a new lease on life thanks to this complete makeover unlike one you’d get from any so-called professionals. And the musical stylings behind the routine will stay with you for hours.
It doesn’t seem like Nathan Lane is ever not making a joke. Everything he says or does winds up having a punchline. Just when you think he might just be starting a normal sentence, BAM! Derisive celebrity mention or pop culture reference. And the occasional prerecorded comedy routine. 

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