Khloe Kardashian Slams Kris Humphries: “He Rubbed Me the Wrong Way”: Late Last Night

Kardashianity continues with Khloe Kardashian paying a visit to Jimmy Kimmel to give her side of the story that swept the nation: her sister Kim’s marriage to and divorce from Kris Humphries. Khloe gives her spiel about having been against it from the start, and trying to prevent Kim from marrying him in the first place.


Amanda Seyfried has some charm in the holster…which might be a bit dangerous, considering how she uses it. Last year, the actress felt the need to settle her nerves before presenting an award at the Oscars. The key: alcohol. Unfortunately, the Oscars is a dry county, so Seyfried needed to amp up her “cuteness” to convince a guy to run out and find her a glass of liquor. But her desires don’t stop at the drink. Seyfried also has a penchant for pranks, particularly ones wherein she has convinced her mother that she has been arrested, with the help of some cops she managed to coerce. This girl is dangerous.

This just goes to show you: being famous allows you to live our your childhood fantasies. As a kid, Chris Pine was so in love with Buffy star Kristy Swanson that he wrote a letter to Premiere Magazine asking for her phone number. Of course, he never got it. But good ol’ Jimmy Kimmel is in the wish-granting business, and gives Swanson a call to profess Pine’s love for her. The results are quite hilarious.


Maya Rudolph is wonderful in all sorts of ways. So when this weekend’s Saturday Night Live takes place with her at the wheel as host, things should be phenomenal. But the wonders will continue, as Rudolph informs us that one Amy Poehler might be stopping by too. She also has a Public Service Announcement in the works about mispronunciation of Hollywood icons’ last names.