Kiefer Sutherland Wishes the ’24’ Movie Was a Full Day Long: Late Last Night

Last night, Kiefer Sutherland showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live discussing the upcoming 24 movie, and lamenting that it won’t actually be a full day long.


Homeland star Morena Baccarin was on Conan to talk about how her hit new Showtime series, which President Obama has dubbed his favorite show on television…meaning, as Baccarin realizes, that the president has seen her in acting in a few racy scenes.

Man Vs. Wild star Bear Grylls appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about how his survivalistic lifestyle has rubbed off the wrong way on his three adventurous young sons…one of whom, by the way, is named Marmaduke.


Finally, back on Conan, animal trainer Casey Anderson brought a few creatures onto the show, including a deer-killing owl and an incredibly dangerous snake that knows a cool parlor trick.