Kiether Sutherland Returns to TV in New Supernatural Drama ‘Touch’

Kiefer SutherlandFox has a lot going for it nowadays. Reality competitions. Wildly popular high school musicomedramas. Zooey Deschanel. But there’s one huge, gaping hole in the Fox network. Something Fox used to hold dear to its heart: Kiefer Sutherland. Ever since 24 left the air, there has been a palpable absence of Sutherland in Fox’s programming schedule. But the glory days will return for the network and its viewers—Fox has ordered a new pilot, Touch, starring the former Jack Bauer himself.

Touch is a supernatural drama, as is the specialty of its creator Tim Kring, who also created Heroes. In the series, Sutherland will play father to a boy (David Mazouz) who has developed precognitive psychic abilities. Considering the creator, Sutherland and his son will likely come to eventually embrace the power so that they can use it to predict, and possibly prevent, tragic events.

More points in the show’s corner: Danny Glover is part of the cast, and will play the part of a child psychologist type with “this sort of thing” as his specialty.

There was a time that 24 and Heroes were mortal enemies, facing off once a week for a valued time slot. Now, they have joined forces to create a super-show. Both series had terrific strengths when they started out, but went downhill after time (for 24, this was gradual and never too much of a bummer, but Heroes‘ descent was more catastrophic). Let’s hope Touch can harness the high points of the exploits of Jack Bauer and Mohinder Suresh to leave us with an interesting, original and, probably, action-packed new show.

Source: TVLine