Kim Kardashian Takes Over TV, Your Life

Kim Kardashian Drop Dead DivaYou may have thought Sunday night was all about the epic Game of Thrones finale, or the Mad Men shocker, or even whatever happened at MTV Movie Awards, but you would be wrong. As usual, the true center of attention was Kim Kardashian

The most famous of the K sisters found herself in three places (practically) at once: She served as a guest star on Lifetime’s Drop Dead Diva Season 4 premiere, she was Punk’d by Scott Disick on MTV just before the awards, and, according to E!, she had some real-life action going on in Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel’s Rehab pool party, which she hosted. There you have it, folks: The wonder of televisual magic in action.
Kardashian endured the shock of her common law brother-in-law chasing after a wallet thief and causing an explosion in the process on Punk’d. She endured the grueling task of getting this party started! at the Hard Rock in Vegas. But the greatest shock of the evening was not her miraculous multi-locational presence, but rather the fact that by the time she waltzed on screen over on Lifetime, she not only became a relationship expert, but she also gained the ability to mock her own unrelenting fame. 
After helping the series’ lovesick Stacy with a little romantic advice (that she totally could have gotten from any well-adjusted lady friend), Kardashian’s character references her next client who “left her husband after 72 days” adding that “Twitter is going crazy” about it, a completely unveiled reference to her short-lived marriage to Kris Humphries. That means Kardashian is doing well, right? Isn’t “Lazy Joking” the final stage of grief?
And if you thought this aligning of promotional schedules was just a little too freaky, imagine what would have happened if E!’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians wasn’t on a mini break. She would have been everywhere. We have to have evaded some level of disaster by that small scheduling happenstance, though for Kardashian detractors, the measly triple overload still signals their worst fears: Kardashian fever is clearly far from over. 
[Image: Lifetime]

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