Kim Kardashian Talks More About Being 30 Years Old: Late Last Night

Kim Kardashian CONTINUED to talk about turning 30 on Leno last night, and the People Magazine profile article on her which expands upon the concept of being 30 and single, which she’s making out to be some sort of reason to sulk. She also told Leno she wanted to have 30 birthday parties to celebrate the milestone but only ended up having 5, which meant the woes kept coming. But at least she primed us for them by telling us she crashed her car when she was 16 and had to pay for it herself.

Jeff Goldblum, Biz Markie, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots performed a killer version of “Just a Friend.” Subbing for Justin Timberlake was Goldblum’s glasses.

Cher revealed to David Letterman a few of the men she’s slept with over the years. On the list? Warren Beatty, Tom Cruise, and Gene Simmons. Don’t you wish you could just keep her next to the platter of fake apples in your kitchen?

Jon Stewart talked about the interviews George W. Bush has been giving to promote his new book. Stewart seemed quite happy to return to the topic of Bush, and called him “an old pair of slippers.” Then he aired some pieces of Matt Lauer’s interview with the former President, and pointed out how he had two years to come up with the answers to these questions and it was like he spent all of his time remembering the time he poisoned someone’s goldfish by replacing his water with vodka.

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And Stephen Colbert touched upon one of the hottest topics these days, which is that Gene Shalit is leaving the Today show, and sent him on his way by absorbing all his opinions.

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