With New Talk Show Kris Jenner Has Won And We, All of Us, Have Lost

Credit: Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Thanks, America. You couldn’t help giving Kris Jenner the attention she so desperately craves, could you? And because of your poor viewing choices, she now has achieved ultimate victory: a talk show.

On July 15 Jenner and 20th Television will launch Kris, a daytime chatfest produced by Robert Lifton of Access Hollywood and ESPN Sportscenter, for a six week trial run. Now you may be asking…is hosting a talk show really the Keeping Up with the Kardashians matriarch’s goal? Isn’t ephemeral reality TV fame an all-consuming end in itself? For Kim Kardashian, I’d say that’s the case. She’s happy just making boatloads of money off of being a perpetually semi-nude person. Why construct sentences and bother with something like hosting when you can just stare vacuously into waiting paparazzos’ cameras, elbows thrown, lips sexily puckered?

But Kris? No, she’s not happy just being relegated to E! She wants more. And if you tune in this summer to watch he show when it debuts on select Fox-owned local affiliates, including in New York and Los Angeles, you will only have yourself to blame for her renewal. Soon Kris Jenner may weep, for she will have no more worlds left to conquer.

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