Kristen Bell Vows To Bring Back ‘Veronica Mars’

Kristen BellI remember it like it was yesterday. The year was 2007, and I was faithfully tuning in each week to one of my favorite shows when I heard the death knell. Veronica Mars was canceled. Even though there was almost no chance of reviving it, the fans and creators kept hanging on until the show’s last breath. Rob Thomas refused to call it quits and filmed a season 4 finale complete with a cliff hanger instead of resigning to the series’ inevitable end. We’ve been clamoring for a resolution since the show ended its run, with a few whispers and unfulfilled promises of a movie to tie up all the loose ends. Well, Mars fans, you can breathe a tiny sigh of relief because Kristen Bell’s got your back.

The voice of Gossip Girl and RomCom darling is doing her best to get the Veronica Mars movie off the ground. The thirty-year-old is making it her “duty” to get it done before she’s 40 (she could totally still play a teen detective, she’s obviously made some sort of sinister eternal youth deal with the devil) and she’s also taken on the responsibility of convincing Warner Bros. that the movie would be worth the cash it would take to produce it.

Why doesn’t she just take matters into her own hands? Well, she (totally) would, but apparently Warner Bros. is hanging on to the show’s rights for dear life. (So wait, they won’t make the movie, but they won’t let anyone else do it either? That’s like that asshole you knew in elementary school who hoarded all the best Halloween candy just so he could use it to get you to do his bratty bidding.)

The good news here is that Bell is so determined to get more Mars out there that should the movie plan ultimately fail, she’d even be willing to do the show as a web series as a last resort. (You’ve got to love that kind of dedication.) Of course, a web series would be settling for sure, but I’ll take what I can get.

And in case you missed it (and apparently most people did) Rob Thomas’ latest T.V. venture, Party Down, also met an untimely death. For some reason, Thomas’ shows are doomed to fail. Let me rephrase that: Thomas’ good shows are doomed to fail. 90210 and its half-dressed, empty-headed, over-privileged bimbos are on their own.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter