Kristen Wiig’s ‘Arrested Development’ Role Revealed

Kristen Wiig Arrested Development The fact that Kristen Wiig is playing even a small part in the upcoming Arrested Development Season 4 is amazing in and of itself, but wait until you find out her character: you might just blue yourself.

Avert your eyes, spoiler-phobes (but also, did you read the headline? Why are you even reading this article?): Wiig will be playing a young version of Jessica Walter‘s Bluth family matriarch, Lucille, reports Vulture.

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Can you imagine how fabulous that will be? If there’s anyone more worthy of stepping into Lucille’s shoes it’s the woman who basically owned Saturday Night Live for the past five years. Although it’s unclear in what context Wiig’s Young Lucille will appear, let’s hope the AD team cast someone equally amazing to play Young George.

Are you regular psyched about Wiig’s role in the new AD episodes, or super psyched? (There are no other options.)

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