Kristen Wiig Revives Dead ‘SNL’ Characters: Late Last Night

Kristen Wiig Revives Dead ‘SNL’ Characters: Late Last Night

Bridesmaids: Kristen Wiig
Kristen Wiig in Universal Pictures' 'Bridesmaids'

Kristen Wiig showed David Letterman on The Late Show some of her failed SNL characters, including somebody who kayaks everywhere. Yes, kayaks everywhere. Good to hear that brilliant people, like the rest of us, sometime have ideas that, um, aren’t the greatest.

Demetri Martin stopped by Conan to reveal some of his latest drawings, including everything from drunk ants to a close up of an albino. Also, he wants to plug Andy.

Chelsea Handler chatted with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night about her latest book — a book in which she had all of her friends write funny stories because apparently that’s what famous people do.

Jennifer Lopez — a.k.a. People’s most beautiful woman in the world — talked with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show about what it’s like to be so damn gorgeous. Also, she’s looking to instigate some new rules in the NFL because, hey, she’s Jennifer Lopez so, why not?

Keira Knightley stopped by The Daily Show and talked to Jon Stewart about what it was like to be in New York City when President Obama was elected. Supposedly, it was kind of like the Royal Wedding: Americans insanely and blindly celebrating — just without the royalty.