Kurt Warner Eliminated From ‘Dancing with the Stars’

Once again, Bristol Palin wasn’t up for elimination on last night’s Dancing with the Stars because she continues to get lots and lots of votes from viewers! Instead, it was between Brandy and Kurt Warner. Obviously Kurt Warner went home because Brandy continues to tie with Jennifer Grey for first place, and because producers would rather wear horse blinders than lose the new tension that exists between Maksim and Carrie Ann Inaba. In the end, it will be sad to part ways with Anna Trebunksaya’s poison ivy costumes. Here is Warner learning of his departure and talking about it with Brooke Burke.

He seems like he genuinely enjoyed the experience, as evidenced by the hearty “thank you” he gave to Anna, his fans, and his wife. Prior to his elimination, Warner seemed to know that it was his time to exit the competition. He said, “I know on this show I’m not going to be the best dancer, so my goal is to entertain the audience and to entertain those people at home, so it feels good when you have the crowd behind you.” He also said that life isn’t about winning and losing competitions and then went on a nice tangent that made him seem gracious and sweet, which only made his loss worse than what it’s like to be the kid of the parent that forgot the orange slices.