Lady Gaga Eats Paper: Late Last Night

Lady Gaga talked with David Letterman on The Late Show for just a little bit before she got all “fed up” with stuff and decided to do the only logical thing she knew: eat Dave’s notes. Because of course she did that.

Ken Jeong danced his way onto Conan last night and chatted about his history before comedy; you may be surprised to find out that he was a practicing medical doctor. Plus, we learned the best way to save a bad joke is to scream BAD JOKE, BAD JOKE.

Meghan McCain talked to Jay Leno about Glenn Beck’s ridiculous comments, being very clear that she won’t take any abuse from any man, “especially” not Glenn Beck.

Justin Vernon (better known as the mind of folk band Bon Iver) talked with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night about the origin of his first album. Following a break-up, he spent a winter recording songs in Wisconsin, giving the world music that manages to be both wonderful and heartbreaking at the same time.