Lady Gaga Will Mentor the Top 4 on ‘Idol’ Next Week

Lady Gaga HornsThis is going to be painful. Lady Gaga is slated to be the celebrity voice coach on American Idol next week as the top four sing classics written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller (“On Broadway” or “Chapel of Love” for example). While these songs are wildly un-Gaga, that’s not my biggest worry. If you thought Sheryl Crow’s overblown overtures of praise to the top five last week were ridiculous, just wait until Lady Gaga has a crack at it. I think I’m going to line up shots for every time she says someone was “born this way” or that there’s a light inside of them and it needs to come out in the form of dinosaur bones on their faces.

I know she’s got quite a few fans who’ll be happy to see her, but it’s not like she’s performing. When she’s performing, I’ll shut up. She puts on a good show. It’s when she’s talking that I have issue. Let’s add to her already haughty demeanor that she’ll be giving out advice as a wise and accomplished pop singer and the result is sure to be purely obnoxious. Even so, I’ll be watching, trying to keep my eyes from rolling out of my head.

Source: American Idol Twitter via Vulture