Lake Bell, Kid Cudi and Kanye West Party at Barney’s Clothing Store: Late Last Night

Last night, Lake Bell visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! talk about her relentless (but unsuccessful) efforts to impress Kid Cudi, as well as all the new slang he has taught her, and an after-party the two attended with Kanye West at a Barney’s clothing store.


Julianne Hough appeared on The Late Show to talk about her “need” to dance, her gold spandex-laden childhood endeavors in a family band called White Lightning, and the hippie-esque names for her many nieces and nephews.

Again on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, John Goodman talked about getting The Big Lebowski lines shouted at him, the pornographic version of the movie that was made, and trying to stay in character at a dinner theater while people were yelling about their silverware.


Finally, Bill O’Reilly visited The Late Show to discuss the only two people who refuse to come on his show, The O’Reilly Factor (Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney), and to refuse to accept David Letterman’s very enthusiastic high-five offer.