Late Night: Channing Tatum Dressed a Drunk and Naked Jonah Hill

Channing Tatum Jonah HillThe relationship between 21 Jump Street stars (and best friends) Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill keeps getting more and more bizarre. Tatum is taking to the late night talk show circuit, giving each host a different glimpse into the strange camaraderie that has budded between the two actors. 

Earlier this week, Tatum told Jay Leno about the time he straddled Hill on the highway during a sneaky massage and he told about what it feels like to put his hands in Hill’s mouth in the name of a Jump Street gag. Now, we have Tatum’s interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, wherein he discusses the time he was forced to restrain a drunk, belligerent and naked Hill, who was on a quest to seize some tempting drunk food.
The pair’s dynamic shifted to mother-baby when Tatum had to hold Hill down and physically dress him. That’s some serious brotherly (or motherly…or just plain weird) love.

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