Late Night Last Night: Harrison Ford Cusses Out Chewbacca — Video

Credit: ABC

Even though he is famous for playing Han Solo in the original Star Wars, Harrison Ford really doesn’t want to talk about the new Star Wars that J.J. Abrams has in the works. Wednesday night, Ford promised to answer questions from the audience on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as long as they refrained from asking him any Star Wars related questions.

Well, Ford was in for a surprise as some of his old Star Wars buddies were in the audience. Luke Skywalker stood up and asked him if he likes being in movies. A fat, male Princess Leia asked if Ford was hungry. And then, Chewbacca tried to apologize for sleeping with Harrison’s wife — but that didn’t go over so well. 

“You Wookie sack of s***,” Ford yelled. He then stormed off.

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