Late Night Last Night: Jason Bateman Isn’t Excited About New ‘Arrested Development’ Season

Credit: ABC

Are you over the moon about the fact that Arrested Development is coming out with a new season? Well hold on there! Not so fast! The show’s star Jason Bateman thinks that we might be in for a let down.

Wednesday night, Bateman had a long chat with Jimmy Kimmel about how fans might be disappointed in the upcoming season of Arrested Development. He explained that the new season is setting up fans for a movie, and that the new season is basically act one for the movie. If the movie does happen, it will focus on acts two and three. Unfortunately, the way the producers set up the new season, all the action happens all at once instead of progressing in each consecutive episode. Bateman appeared worried that fans might not like this concept as compared to how the show used to run when it was on Fox.

Bateman continued his pessimistic chat by revealing his secret to creating fake tears while filming: He just pictures his daughters getting dismembered and breaks down.

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