Late Night Last Night: Jay Leno Fuels NBC Feud… Again

Jay Leno

It’s no secret by now that Jay Leno is in the middle of a heated feud with his hosting network NBC. For weeks now, the rumor mill has been spinning that NBC is planning to replace Leno with Jimmy Fallon. And while NBC has yet to confirm if these rumors are true or not, Leno has decided to wage war on the network. 

On Wednesday night during his opening monologue, Leno made not one, but two jokes about NBC. He kicked right into it saying, “Folks, listen to this. Monday night the primetime shows The Voice and Revolution moved NBC in the number two position. You know what that means? Between Easter and Passover, this is truly the season of miracles. We’re number two! I’ve been saying for the last week that NBC is a big number two.” He then later added: “T-Mobile announced yesterday they are doing away with contracts. Apparently they got the idea from NBC.”

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In the past few weeks, Leno has made jokes about the fact that he might get replaced. He has also compared his network’s executives to snakes. And back in February, he poked fun of the fact that NBC moved down to fifth place during sweeps month.

Keeping on with these tireless jokes certainly isn’t helping Leno’s case if he wants to keep his job. But then again, it doesn’t really sound like Leno wants to save himself.


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