Late Night Last Night: Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon Duet on the Piano

Jimmy Fallon

As competing late night hosts, it makes sense that Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon may not always get along. But on Thursday night, Colbert stopped by his faux foe Fallon’s Late Night show and they tried to figure out the status of their relationship. The conclusion of their meeting? Colbert and Fallon aren’t enemies, but they also aren’t “best friends” either. “We’re just friendly,” The Colbert Report host said. “Let’s not force [it]. Let’s just let it happen.”

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Their decision resulted in the two hosts getting up and heading to the piano to perform a duet together that included lyrics about their up-and-down relationship. In the end, they agreed: “If Rihanna and Chris Brown can be friendly, why can’t we?”

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[Photo Credit: NBC]

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