Late Night Last Night: Emma Stone and Jay Leno Dance the Night...

Late Night Last Night: Emma Stone and Jay Leno Dance the Night Away — VIDEO

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With every new year comes a whole set of resolutions. People vow to change their diets, quit smoking, or swear less. But not Emma Stone. The Gangster Squad actress has a much more interesting plan. On Tuesday night, Stone admitted to Jay Leno that her New Year’s resolution is to spend more time getting her groove on.

“I would like to dance more,” Stone said. “I am an excellent dancer.” Stone then joked that she sometimes dances on tables, but that’s not the kind of dancing that she wants to do more of. “I kinda want to take some dance classes and dance around the house a little bit more,” she said.

But Leno on the other hand doesn’t think he’s as talented as Stone. But despite of his lack of confidence, he still gave Stone a spin around his studio floor to show her how he dances with his wife. Hopefully Stone’s boyfriend Andrew Garfield won’t get jealous that Leno stepped in.

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