Late Night Last Night: Katie Holmes Is Going Turkey Trotting on Thanksgiving


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It’s that time of year to let the traditions start rolling on out. And while Katie Holmes is an A-List celebrity, she still hasn’t lost touch with her Ohio roots, especially when it comes to the holiday season and Thanksgiving. Holmes visited Jimmy Fallon Thursday night and revealed to him that she is actually going back home to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with her family. But besides eating a big feast, Holmes also admitted that she will be partaking in her father’s annual tradition, a three-mile run that he calls the “Turkey Trot.” Exactly what you want to do after you eat a huge meal.

Here’s what you missed last night on late night TV:

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon

Katie Holmes revealed that she will be traveling to Ohio to spend Thanksgiving with her family. She will, of course, be participating in her family’s holiday tradition. “Many years ago, my dad started this tradition where we all do this run in the local park,” she said. “It’s a three mile run called the ‘Turkey Trot.’ There’s even a prize, which I haven’t won yet. But it’s really fun.” She also shared her feelings on a possible Dawson’s Creek reunion. “I love everyone from the show,” she said. “We have kind of talked about it here and there, but we’re like, ‘What do you do?’ Because [in] our last episode, Michelle’s character passed away. Our last episode, we were already like five years older, so. But maybe we’ll go on vacation. That would be fun, and just film it.”

Part 1

Part 2

Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!

Mel Brooks talked about hanging out with his buddy Carl Reiner. “I see him almost every night,” he said. “I love that guy.” And during a recent conversation with Reiner (who is 90 years old), Brooks asked a personal question. “Every once in a while, do you ever achieve an erection? Do you ever get an erection?” Brooks asked. “Carl said, ‘I do. I do. Not so [they] notice it.'” Yeah, no.

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Part 4

Late Show With David Letterman

Letterman told Zooey Deschanel that she looks like Katy Perry. Apparently, Deschanel has gotten this a lot. “Everybody kept saying, ‘This girl looks so much like you,” she said. “Then I met her. I was like, ‘Thank god she’s attractive.'”


Conan O’Brien beat Kellan Lutz in an arm wrestling match, but only by cheating and using two hands. Lutz also admitted that he wishes he could wear his baby clothes again. How about Lutz just wears no clothes at all? That seems like the better option.

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