Late Night Last Night: Kim Kardashian Gets a Surprise Baby Shower on ‘Kimmel’


kim kardashian kimmel

It seems like all that Kim Kardashian has ever talked about since becoming a reality star is wanting to start a family. And now that she is finally pregnant (with Kanye West’s baby) it’s time to celebrate — only thing is that none of the Kardashian klan has gotten around to planning a baby shower for her yet. So, Jimmy Kimmel, being the polite late night host that he is, threw Kim a surprise baby shower Tuesday night when she and Kourtney stopped by for a visit.

Complete with a “Kongratulations Kim” sign, balloons, and virgin mimosas, Kim seemed quite delighted by Kimmel’s surprise. But the best part was the special present that Kimmel prepared for Kim: a creative baby names book called The Big Book of Baby Names That Start with K. Now Kim doesn’t have to worry about coming up with a baby name that begins with “K” because she has a whole book full of suggestions of original titles like Katmandu, Kite-Runner, Kiwi, Kel, Keenan, Kredenza,  and Kaleidoscope. “You name [it], they’re all in here,” Kimmel said. “You can take that home with you.”



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