Late Night Last Night: Rebel Wilson Dry Humped Jimmy Fallon

Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Jimmy Fallon just loves to play games, so of course his guest on Monday night, unabashed MTV Movie Awards host Rebel Wilson, was game for first one he threw her way. Fallon decided it would be grand fun to do an improv dance game, so he had Wilson draw the name of a fake dance out of a hat. Whatever name she drew, she had to get up and create a special routine for the dance name.

First up, Wilson drew the “Mick Jagger Chicken” and she turned that one into an electric and erotic Egyptian dance. The girl, too, has moves like Jagger. Fallon then had his turn and pulled the “I Feel Like Someone’s Behind Me.” His moves consisted of a few slides and snapping of his fingers. Actually, those are sort of moves like Jagger, too. The last dance the two did together was called “The I’m Holding Too Much Eye Contact While Thrusting” and Wilson ended up dry humping and grinding up on the Late Night host during this bit. No kidding. See for yourself: 


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