Late Night Last Night: Tina Fey Is ‘Struggling’ Now That ’30 Rock’ Is Done

Tina Fey

We all knew it would be hard to deal with the reality that our beloved sitcom 30 Rock has come to an end. But while it has been tough for fans to face the cold, hard truth, the show’s creator and star Tina Fey is having an even tougher time coping with the fact. On Wednesday night, Fey told David Letterman that she is “struggling” to come to terms with it, so much so that she’s getting into random fights at Dunkin’ Donuts.

Fey and the cast of 30 Rock had filmed in the same building for seven years, 18-hours a day, and now, Fey feels lost without her studio. “Now, I’m trying to re-enter society… I feel like I just got out of prison and I don’t know how to act right,” she said. “I keep getting in fights with people around New York City.”

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Fey shared an example of her “short fuse.” Recently, she had been standing in line at a Dunkin’ Donuts and had apparently been moving too slowly — and that pissed off the woman behind her. The woman complained, “Jesus Christ!” to which Fey responded, “Yes. He’s our lord and savior, and we should pray.” Yikes!

This serves as a warning not to disturb Tina Fey before her morning coffee!

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