Latest ‘True Blood’ Promo: Thirsty Thursday 

If Sookie’s Thursdays are reserved for a rendezvous with a blood-thirsty 3,000-year-old vampire, then our Sundays are reserved for watching all that delicious, demented True Blood madness unfold. With a little less than two weeks until the Season 5 premiere of the wildly popular series, HBO has quenched our thirst for the saga with a new trailer. In the second preview, fans get a glimpse at the return of Denis O’Hare‘s Russell, the rise of Chris Meloni‘s Roman, and — yum — Joe Manganiello‘s Alcide. (Okay, that didn’t fit the alliteration, but who cares?) Check out the gory, sexy minute-and-a-half True Blood trailer below and get ready to flash a fanged smile at Anna Paquin‘s Sookie’s already classic line about her Thursday night agenda. Jeez, is it Sunday, June 10 yet? This waiting really — you guessed it — bites.