Lea Michele Had a Shady Encounter with Barbra Streisand: Late Last Night

Last night, Lea Michele paid a visit to The Tonight Show to talk about two of her lifelong dreams coming true: starring in a movie with Robert De Niro (New Year’s Eve) and meeting Barbra Streisand in a shady parking lot.

On Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the cartoon character that is Russell Brand talked about making up for his past wrongdoings by getting involved a bunch of charities, including one that helps “monkeys lick owls.” …it’s hard to explain.


The adorable Ellie Kemper appeared on Conan to talk about standing up and relish…and also some actual things, like her new engagement to a man who used to dress like a hot dog, and whom her disapproving granfather compared to a pie. It was a very food-oriented interview. She also talked about being tricked into thinking she’s actually involved in romantic relationships when she’s playing love scenes in movies and television.

Finally, Zac Efron joined Jimmy Fallon on Late Night to talk about the effect that High School Musical has had on him: he now dances EVERYWHERE. He also share that he’d like to be on Glee, and the time Tom Cruise taught him to ride a motorcycle.