Leah Remini: ‘Leave Tom and Katie Alone’

Actress Leah Remini has launched another attack on nosy people desperate to see what her pal Tom Cruise‘s baby daughter looks like.

The TV star was one of the first people to see the baby and can completely understand why her fellow Scientologist is refusing to release photos of his newborn.

Remini can’t comprehend why there is such a public frenzy to see the photos–as gossips insist little Suri Cruise isn’t normal.

The actress rants, “It’s a normal baby, it’s a beautiful baby… She’s a very well-loved and protected baby. She’s with normal people. That’s why I don’t understand the craziness.

“She c**ps in her diaper, she pees in her diaper, she sleeps, she wakes up every couple of hours–this is what babies do. There’s nothing abnormal about Suri.

“I think it’s really scary. I have acquaintances who’ll say, ‘Why don’t they show the baby?’ Y’know, it’s their baby.

“Unless you’ve been in a situation with these paparazzi…you don’t really understand how protective you are of that baby that you made.”

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