Leaked Footage From ‘The Walking Dead’ Shows Negan Killing Maggie

Spoiler alert! If you haven’t watched the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead, it’s been long enough that you almost don’t deserve a warning, but we at Hollywood.com are kind (at least a stitch kinder than Negan who doesn’t seem to care who he smashes up with Lucille). Proceed with caution, though really, you shouldn’t be clicking on any Walking Dead stories if you haven’t seen it. Better yet, get off the Internet entirely. It’s not safe.

Moving on…

the walking dead - negan

The season seven premiere caused a bit of a ruckus for how violent it was. The Parents Television Council was really angry. We knew the premiere would kill off a major character, we just didn’t expect it to be (SPOILER RIGHT HERE) Abraham and Glenn. It turns out that The Walking Dead was toying with the idea of killing off someone else, too. Variety found leaked footage of an alternate death scene where Maggie faces a very, very gory death.

Here’s the video that was originally uploaded (but has since been smacked with a copy right claim by AMC. Curse you AMC!).

We’ll give you a rundown, anyway. In the scene, Negan is saying the same stuff as he said in the actual premiere, but instead of smashing in Abraham’s head, he goes for Maggie. Apparently, AMC filmed multiple death scenes to keep fans off their trail (kind of similar to how American Horror Story released a whole bunch of fake trailers). Some of the scenes were used in the premiere when Rick Grimes imagined the death of other characters. 

Regardless of who saw the unfortunate side of Lucille, The Walking Dead slayed a bit more than just Abraham and Glenn in its premiere. It was the number one broadcast Sunday night and drew in a whopping 17 million viewers. 

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