Lena Dunham Confesses Jimmy Fallon Crush to Jimmy Fallon — VIDEO


All-encompassing, logic-defying, work cubicle poster-plastering celebrity crushes. We all get ’em. Heck, even celebrities get them. In fact, look no further than Lena Dunham — the star and creator of HBO’s endlessly dissected comedy Girls  for proof of that. 

During a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, the breakout sensation confessed to host Jimmy Fallon that she had something of an obsessive infatuation with him when she was younger. A visibly giddy, and somewhat embarrassed Dunham told the Saturday Night Live alum, “It’s a big deal for me to be here, for a lot of reasons. But the big deal is that I was, like, really obsessed with you in high school. Like in a way that was a little crazy.” 
How crazy? Well, not quite riding on the front of Adam’s bike crazy or allowing her coworkers to “fix” her eyebrows crazy, but still pretty crazy. The Girls star admitted that she not only had a signed napkin from him, but at one point she wrote a Freaky Friday-inspired screenplay in which she and Fallon swapped bodies and fell in love. (“I was like, oh my God, when I wake up and touch myself, I’m touching Jimmy Fallon!”)
While the 26-year-old had already come face-to-face with her crush (she met Fallon at a party, more than likely one she attended with her mother, famed photographer Laurie Simmons) the interaction was still adorable and entirely relatable: who wouldn’t geek out about getting to chat with their all-time celebrity crush? Even Jimmy seemed to get a little blush-y about the whole thing. Gotta love this girl. Watch the moment below: 

Who was the fixture of your teenage dreams? How would you react if you met them? If you answered “Be totally psyched like Lena Dunham!”, you answered correctly.

Lena Dunham