Lena Dunham’s HBO Pilot Gets A Cast

Lena DunhamJudd Apatow’s first foray into a female centric comedy is with Lena Dunham’s pilot for HBO, and we finally got word on the cast. While the show is for now untitled, we got a little hint at the plot as well.

We’ve known since this project was announced that Dunham would be starring in the series, but we learned that her characters name is Hannah, a hopeful writer. She is an eternal intern in the publishing world and dreams of bigger things. Joining her is Dunham’s Tiny Furniture co-star Jemima Kirk who will play Jessa, an artist and a space cadet and a hippie wannabe (great combination). Rounding out the main trio is Brian Williams’ daughter, Allison Williams. She will play Marnie, a sexy bitch who will stop at nothing to get ahead. In a supporting role is Adam Driver, who will play Dunham’s slightly off kilter friend with benefits. Well, we’re not sure if they’re friends with benefits, but they’re definitely sleeping together.

With this news, I’m pretty excited for the show. Dunham is a promising new talent and with the freedom of HBO and Apatow behind her, this show could become the next great comedy show.

Souce: Deadline