Leno Applauds the Children of ‘The Tonight Show’

TV personality Jay Leno ended his 17-year stint as the host of The Tonight Show on Friday by welcoming the 68 kids born to his staff during his run on the program.

Leno first saluted trombone player Matt Fenders’ teenage daughter Hannah, who was born just weeks after he started as The Tonight Show‘s frontman — and then the beloved host held back tears as he introduced the other 67 children.

He ended his final show by boasting the kids were his legacy and that when they asked their parents where they met, they’d say, “They met on the stage of The Tonight Show.”

Leno’s last show began with a studio audience standing ovation that lasted almost two minutes, and then the white-haired host joked, “When I started this show, my hair was black and the President was white.”

The comedian’s replacement, Conan O’Brien, was Leno’s last guest and James Taylor performed the departing host’s favorite tune, “Sweet Baby James.”

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