Let’s Judge the ‘Dancing with the Stars: All Stars’ Couples Pictures


We know that your mom is very excited for Dancing with the Stars: All Stars, even though she, like the rest of us, can’t figure out why it’s not called Dancing with the All Stars, but whatever. We’re excited. And when we get excited about something, we want to talk about it. Today, the show gave us a chance to judge some of the couples based on their pictures for the show. Here are some of our favorites and whether or not they have a shot at that shiny disco ball thing based on their photo alone.

Next: ALTKelly Monaco and Valentin Chmerkovskiy: This is how it’s done people. Attractive people, good outfits, sex appeal, and Kelly Monaco looking at the camera saying, “I do not give a f*ck about this hot piece rubbing up on me, I am here to win!” Grade: A+