Letterman Wears Snooki Slippers: Late Last Night

Snooki stopped by The Late Show with David Letterman and brought Dave a gift: her very own pair of Snooki slippers. Of course, they’re pink. Of course, Dave has to try them on. And, of course, they look great. So unfortunately, it appears that after Jersey Shore‘s inevitable death, we will still have to continue to live in a life where Snooki exists.

Gary Oldman chatted with Conan about how he avoids swearing around children. Soon-to-be-parents listen up, if you have trouble swearing, just replace curse words (like shit) with sweet words (like sugar), and you will end up successfully lying to your child. Thanks, Gary!

Topher Grace stopped by the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson to talk about his absurd skinniness and what it means to have a permanent “sleep interested” look on your face — a.k.a. stoned.