Lindsay Lohan in the ‘Liz & Dick’ Trailer: ‘They Drink, They Fight, They Fornicate’

The folks over at Lifetime who are behind the upcoming Elizabeth Taylor biopic TV movie Liz & Dick aren’t exactly playing down the overt Lindsay Lohan comparisons. From the poster with leading lady Lohan standing in front of highlighted LiLo buzz-phrases like “scandal,” “child star,” and “paparazzi” (what, no fetch?) to the new teaser trailer that almost requires no visuals. 

If you closed your eyes with the preview on, first you might think it’s a Bing commercial thanks to the use of Alex Clare‘s “Too Close.” But after that you might mistake it for a Lohan biopic rather than a Taylor biopic. Case in point, same sound bites: 
– “You’re screwing that witch?” Lohan cries. Samantha Ronson rumors aside, there’s also a good chance this is key dialogue between Lohan and Charlie Sheen in Scary Movie 5
– “God, that woman knows how to make an entrance,” marvels Grant Bowler as Richard Burton. Oh, Lohan knows how to make entrances alright. Exits, too. 

– “They drink, they fight, they fornicate.” No comment. 
– “Ugh, who’s counting?” whines an annoyed Lohan. Don’t worry, we’ve all lost count of the shenanigans, too. 
Watch — and listen to — the Liz & Dick teaser trailer below, and see if you can find all the Lohan buzz-words and -phrases. (We found nearly a dozen, including “scandalous,” “dangerous,” and “infamous.”) 

Liz & Dick, the unofficial unintentional Lindsay Lohan Lifetime movie, airs in November. 


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