Lindsay Lohan Set to Play Liz Taylor: Four Reasons It’s Meant to Be

Lindsay LohanWhen it was announced that Lindsay Lohan would be playing Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime movie Liz & Dick, not everybody was entirely on board. And now that Lohan has told THR that the casting is official, there is bound to be an onslaught of opposition. Sure, Taylor is a timelessly iconic figure in show business history. And no, Lohan’s name doesn’t call for quite the same reverence. But, whether or not some fans want to admit it, there are quite a few similarities between Cleopatra and Cady Heron. So much so that Lohan could very well be the most fitting choice to play Taylor. Here’s why:

They Were Both Child Actors

Both Taylor and Lohan started their careers young. Super young, actually. By the age of 11, Taylor was already reaching star status thanks to her role in Lassie Come Home. At around the same age, Lohan earned attention for The Parent Trap, the movie many fans sigh wistfully thinking about, feeling all Holden Caulfield-y about the inevitable death of innocence.

They Both Had/Have a Lot of Relationships

From 1950 to 1996, Elizabeth Taylor was married eight times to seven different men; she married actor Richard Burton twice — their romance is the focal story of the Lifetime movie in question. Marriage is an avenue Lohan has yet to traverse, but she is no stranger to the idea of multiple (and highly publicized) romances. Among Lohan’s noteworthy love affairs include Wilmer Valderrama, Samantha Ronson and hotel magnate Vikram Chatwal.

They Have Both Battled Drug Abuse

Taylor opened up about an addiction to painkillers for which she underwent rehab twice in the 1980s. Lohan’s exploits with drugs and alcohol, and her respective attempts at rehabilitation, are nothing the public isn’t well aware of.

They’re Both Big Stars

Be it good or bad, Lindsay Lohan and Liz Taylor have reputations that far supersede those of their peers. To be a Hollywood icon is to be a larger than life figure. Whether the star in question earns this from her on screen roles or her off screen misadventures almost doesn’t matter. America is a culture that loves fame. People loved to talk about, to hear about and to watch Liz Taylor, and they feel just the same about Lindsay Lohan.

Sure, Lohan gets a bad rap for her destructive behavior, but people forget that the actress was far from incapable when it comes to handling a well-written role. Hopefully, Lohan’s notoriety from here on out will come attached to her talent, and not drug abuse or other off screen antics. Perhaps she’ll learn a thing or two by taking on the character of the great Liz Taylor.


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