Jambo LiLo! How Did Lindsay Lohan Do Hosting ‘Chelsea Lately’?

Credit: Melissa Holt/E! Entertainment

Can it be true? Is the old Lindsay Lohan back from the dead? Well from the looks of Lohan’s appearance on ‘Chelsea Lately’ it seems so. Jambo Lilo! Last night Lohan looked absolutely radiant as a guest host. She ditched her cracked out ‘vintage’ look she acquired during her Liz and Dick days for a flattering, chic, all black ensemble. But what was even more pleasing to see was that her knack for comedy was still intact (please more Mean Girls less Canyons). She cracked hilarious jokes about herself, and other celebrities who kept the tabloids occupied in her absence. Lohan also pulled off a playful and lively interview with Dylan Bruce. The real question is whether the reformed Lohan is here to stay.  Lohan assuages these concerns by commenting, “I’m back. I’m healthy, and I’m sorry paparazzi but if you want to take pictures of someone who’s really f**ked up you’ll just have to wait ’til Chelsea’s back.” Honestly, it looks pretty promising. If she can laugh about her past, it’s a good sign that she’s in a much better place. See for yourself below:

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