Lindsay Sloane Joins ‘Weeds’

lindsay sloaneWell alright, alright, alright. Lindsay Sloane has joined the cast of Weeds for a few episodes this summer as Andy Botwin’s potential love interest. She’ll play Maxine, a “quirky conceptual artist in New York who takes a liking to Andy.” And since Sloane happens to look ALMOST EXACTLY like Nancy Botwin (or does she look like Mary-Louise Parker? Doesn’t matter! They’re both hot!), Andy will of course go head over heels for her.

Weeds has always done a damn decent job of utilizing its supporting cast and Sloane should be a good addition. She’s in two movies that have been on my radar for a while: Horrible Bosses and A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, and I really enjoyed her episode on How I Met Your Mother. Now that we’ve got a decent guest star for this season on Weeds let’s see if it’ll continue on its track of improving. Remember when this show used to be about a suburban mom selling weed to keep up her lifestyle? Those were the days.

Source: TV Line