Lindsay Thinks She’ll Win An Oscar: Late Last Night

Lindsay Lohan was on Leno last night discussing her latest court room drama when Leno asked the all important question where she sees herself when she is 30. Her answer was hopefully back at his desk after winning an Oscar. Please allow me a second to collect myself as I gather my response. *clears throat* *adjusts tie* *deep breath* Ahem…….


During Letterman, Will Ferrell showed up to wish the royal couple his best wishes. Also if you’ve ever wondered what your lips would see if they were to make out with Ron Burgundy, you’re in luck.

Turns out, Matt Lauer had the same idea as Ferrell because he showed up on Fallon wearing the same suit. But damn, Lauer brought the “funny gently poking fun at NBC’s coverage of the wedding.” Good sport all around!