Listen to ‘Glee’ Kids Singing ‘Afternoon Delight’ with John Stamos

Guys. I hope the people at Glee know that this song is to be used for joking purposes only, but I’m sure they don’t. I also detect a lack of jazz flute that is frankly appalling. HORROR. In next week’s episode featuring REGIONALS and JOHN STAMOS and Gwyneth Paltrow (groan), the gang will sing this “classic” (wildly inappropriate for high schoolers) tune with the help of Uncle Jesse. Go ahead and listen, but as an antidote, I’ve taken the liberty of including both the Anchorman and Arrested Development versions immediately after it. I’m not even going to ask how they measure up to the Glee one, because I already know. They are IMMEASURABLY more entertaining than the Glee one, even if Stamos is helping. That being said, will I still watch it? You bet your shiny Glee iPod case (seriously, why do they make those things) I will.