Lopez Lands Talk Show

TV and movie star George Lopez has landed a new late-night live talk show.

The Beverly Hills Chihuahua star will front a new untitled show on cable network TBS — and he plans to be the raciest interviewer on television.

He says, “The head of TBS said, ‘George, we are cable so take some liberties with the language.’ I think that may come back to bite him on the a**.”

And Lopez already has big plans for his guests: “I am going to bring a more eclectic group of actors and a more eclectic group of musicians, from (Latino supergroup) Mana to Santana to Slash and Garth Brooks. I know some pretty high-profile people in Hollywood, in music and in comedy. They all seem to be supportive of the idea.”

His new show is set to launch later this year with friends Samuel L. JacksonEva Longoria Parker and Dane Cook among the stars appearing in the premiere episode.

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