Lost | 2004

Drama, Adventure
After their airplane crashes in the Pacific, 48 disparate survivors are forced to adapt to life on a deserted island. As they get to know each other, some become friends, others enemies and some stories remain to be ...more


... Sun Paik Kwon

Actor (55 episodes, 2004-2010)

... Hurley (Hugo Reyes)

Actor (55 episodes, 2004-2010)

... Jack Shepherd

Actor (55 episodes, 2004-2010)

... Kate Austen

Actor (55 episodes, 2004-2010)

... Sawyer (aka James Ford)

Actor (55 episodes, 2004-2010)

... Sayid Jarrah

Actor (55 episodes, 2004-2010)

... John Locke

Actor (55 episodes, 2004-2010)

... Jin-Soo Kwon

Actor (53 episodes, 2005-2009)

... Ben Linus (Henry Gale)

Actor (39 episodes, 2006-2009)

... Michael Dawson

Actor (38 episodes, 2005-2008)

... Desmond Hume

Actor (35 episodes, 2005-2009)

... Juliet

Actor (31 episodes, 2008-2009)


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After their airplane crashes in the Pacific, 48 disparate survivors are forced to adapt to life on a deserted island. As they get to know each other, some become friends, others enemies and some stories remain to be told. Each survivor seems to harbor their own secrets and dark pasts and confront their own personal demons on the island. the main group consists of Jack, the doctor and de facto leader; Kate, the beautiful escaped convict; Hurley, big man with the warm heart; Charlie, has-been rock star dealing with a heroin habit; Sayid, Former Iraqi Republican Guard communications expert; Jin and Sun, a Korean couple with cultural boundaries; Sawyer, red neck loose cannon, Michael and his son Walt, who never really knew each other until the crash; Locke, mysteriously healed of his need for a wheel chair and seems to understand some secrets of the island; Spoiled brat Shannon and her more giving brother Boone; and Claire, a young and very pregnant woman who struggles bringing her child into life as a castaway. The band of friends, family, enemies and strangers must work together against the cruel weather and harsh terrain if they want to stay alive. But the island holds many secrets, including the intense howls of the mysterious creatures stalking the jungle, which fill them all with fear. Fortunately, thanks to the calm leadership of quick-thinking Jack and levelheaded Kate, they have hope. But even heroes have secrets, as the survivors will come to learn. Through flashbacks of individual characters, the lives they led prior to the crash informs about how they got to the island as well as who they are as individuals. Season 2 gave more insight about the Island, the mysterious hatch, and the Others. The survivors unite with the survivors of the tail section of the plane that landed on the other side of the Island and continue to find that somehow they may all be interconnected. Season 3 picked up with Jack, Sawyer and Kate in captivity with the Others. More is revealed about them and their purpose on the Island and how they got there, specifically their leader Ben who has a tenuous connection to the Island, as well as Juliet, originally Jack's captor, but eventually reveals her agenda doesn't line up as closely with her comrades. The season closes with the Survivors potentially on the verge of rescue, Ben having lost control of his people and the island and back in captivity with Jack, Juliet joining the ranks of the crash survivors and a mysterious glimpse into the possible future of Jack and Kate and perhaps the other survivors as well. Season 4 began with the arrival of a freighter. The survivors became divided - the people who wanted to meet the rescuers, led by Jack and Kate, and the people who want to heed Charlie's warning and stay away from them, led by Locke. Four new people arrived on the island from the freighter, but rescuing the passengers of Flight 815 was not their primary objective. Season 5 began with Jack and Ben attempting to gather the Oceanic six in order to return to the island. On the island itself, after Ben moves it, the remaining people experience strange shifts in time. Locke ends up trying to stop the massive shifts in time and actually dies, though he's seemingly resurrected and solidifies himself as the leader of the Others, perpetuating the rift between people on the island.


Director (24 episodes, 2005-2006)


Creator (55 episodes, 2004-2010)

Creator (55 episodes, 2005-2009)