‘Lost’ Adds a New Character for Season 5

‘Lost’ Adds a New Character for Season 5

Zuleikha Robinson at the
Zuleikha Robinson ("Jazira")

In what will surely be the first of many Lost sightings I will cover in the next several months, I found an interesting tidbit on a possible new cast member when the show airs its fifth season in January.

According to EW.com, actress Zuleikha Robinson (pronounced “Zoo-Lika”) is tapped to play Ilana, “a European female who possesses great intelligence but who’s also dangerous as all get out. She’s alluring and apparently used to getting her own way.”

Now, you might remember this sultry actress in the short-lived Fox series, New Amsterdam, or as a regular on another short-lived show, an X-Files spin-off called The Lone Gunmen.

But all us fans of HBO’s Rome certainly remember the fetching Robinson as the enslaved Gaia, who falls for her boss, Titus Pullo, and feels real bad after she poisons his pregnant wife and takes her place. So much so that she confesses in order for Titus to kill her–which he does. God, I miss that show.

I digress. EW.com reports Robinson ‘s Lost  deal calls for her to start off as a recurring player with an option to become a series regular in season 6.

Hmmm, is Illana in cahoots with Ben? Widmore? Maybe she has a thing with Sayid–and is therefore doomed because all the women he falls in love with end up getting killed.

Apparently I’m not that far off base. EW’s Doc Jensen mused that Ilana “sounds exactly like the kind of lethal lady Sayid would fall for. So I’m wondering if the dashing Iraqi is due for a new love interest, yet another lady whose true motivations will be in question.”

Intrigued much? Oh, you bet.