‘Lost Girl’ Recap: XXX-Mas in March

Lost GirlShowcase

I think we can all agree that the last two episodes of Lost Girl have been a little lackluster. A bird Fae and a weird French flashback are not the best adventures for our favorite supernatural crew. Luckily, this week marks a return to the funny, frisky, and Fae-tastic (not quite Buffy-ish) fantasy. There’s an appearance by Krampus, who is a blend of Tim Allen’s character in The Santa Clause and the Robot Santa on Futurama. He punishes the naughty with death but is still a sweet old man. But quite horny… literally, with two ram horns.

This episode begins with Bo channeling her inner sorority girl by washing her car in the most gratuitously sexual way. After all, nothing gets the grime like water freshly fallen off boobs. Check your car manual, it’s true. As per usual, Lauren and Dyson hope desperately to be her number one. They are really starting to bond. Given the sexual fluidity of the show, could they end up hooking up?

The gang is celebrating Yule. It’s like Fae Christmas, only they celebrate by getting utterly smashed and the only present is not getting killed. The gang seems to be overcompensating to show Bo they appreciate her. And yet, they ignore her.

Bo & Tamsin

Bo realizes she’s in a time loop because she keeps waking up in the car alone. At the party, a creepy Toad Fae with hallucinogenic sweat keeps hitting on her. She catches up with Bruce (Rob Archer), the best new character on the show by far. Tamsin plants a wet one on Bo and they realize they’re both Bill Murray in this scenario. They decide to enjoy a break from their usual brooding, until people start getting sucked into the 1970s wallpaper. It’s strange Bo isn’t defaulting to her instinct to run to Lauren, Dyson, or Kenzi. Instead she’s acting passive aggressive and wounded over the worry that they are ignoring her. This isn’t the self-assured, devil may care Bo we’ve grown to love. Tamsin gets sucked into a wall and Bo has to save her.

Kenzi & Hale

Meanwhile, Hale is taking advantage of time loop because he’s nervous about his first time with Kenzi. Hale needs it because he really has no game. He puts the dread in double entendre. Kenzi finds out he’s been taking advantage of the time loop but luckily he makes amends. This does not bode well. This relationship with Kenzi is softening the hard-ass we’ve seen in prior seasons. Is Hale losing his edge?

Lauren, Dyson, & Vex

Lauren shows Dyson a box she finds in the Dark Fae archives. It’s addressed to Bo and in her handwriting. They spend the entire party drunkenly fighting over who loves her the most to decide what to do with Bo’s box. Insert dirty jokes here. It is great to see Dyson and Lauren bonding because they love Bo but can’t really have a relationship with her. The only issue is this entire idea of their making decisions for Bo goes against her whole feminist superhero persona. It also seems like Bo would be super pissed to find out this debate even happened. All the same, drunk hijinks with Dyson, Lauren, and a corseted Vex are worth watching.

In Deep Krampus

With Tamsin in the clutches of Krampus, Bo and Hale are released from the time loop. Apparently, Krampus likes to trap yule fools in Groundhog Day to feed off their regrets. Who has more regrets than the now reformed Tamsin? Bo tracks down his lair, a candy factory in a gas station. Props to Krampus for taking advantage of rising gas prices. He is channeling Johnny Depp’s Willy Wonka because he’s creepy, colorful, and very off-putting. Bo sacrifices herself to save Tamsin. She’s released when she embraces her fear about The Wanderer. Suddenly, the needy, co-dependent Bo makes sense. Tamsin confesses that she was part of Bo getting kidnapped and that The Wanderer is hardcore Bo gets home to find out she’s not allowed at a Light Fae party after midnight. This seems weird because it’s her apartment. She ends up alone with the mysterious box. Inside, it has the same dark smoke that kidnapped her.

Succu-Best Lines of the Night

“Bitch, I am the naughty list.” –Bo’s free advertising.

“Enough, Stephenie Meyer!” –Kenzi’s response to Trick’s storytelling

“My Kenzi sense is tingling… it’s probably just gas.’ –Kenzi’s idea of pillow talk

‘She’s a sasquatch. She’s probably eaten like a thousand kittens.” –Tamsin describing a party guest.

“Let’s figure out what to do with this package… and settle the enigma of the most boring threesome ever once and for all.” –Vex’s take on Lauren and Dyson

“You’re my grandubbus. My succudaughter.” –Drunk Trick