‘Lost Girl’ Recap: No One Puts Kenzi in the Corner

‘Lost Girl’ Recap: No One Puts Kenzi in the Corner

Lost Girl

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This season premiere has everything you could possibly want: action, dancing, a Star Trek cameo, scandalous revelations, and even a little cross-dressing. The only thing it doesn’t seem to have is the resident Lost Girl Bo (Anna Silk). Silk was on maternity leave because she just gave birth to a baby succubus human child. This season definitely looks like it will be a major upgrade from last season.

Kenzi (Ksenia Solo) starts snooping and she stumbles upon the Una Mens. They are an ancient sect created to enforce the Fae government, so basically the eldest elders. Given all the craziness that happened last season with Hale (K.C. Collins) being ousted as the Ash, and Evony the Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) declaring war against humans — not to mention that whole Fae experiment lab subplot — it makes sense. Luckily, it seems there might be someone cleaning up the writing because last season seemed a little sloppy.

Of course, Kenzi gets caught and despite her wit can’t get out until she reveals she isn’t human but Fae and then shoots out fireworks. Yes, fireworks! She has officially transitioned from token human to Jubilee from the X-Men. Sure, at times Kenzi can be a liability but geeks everywhere will shudder to think of her as the mutant superheroes’ lamest ally.

Hale continues to pine after Kenzi. But suddenly, completely out of nowhere, so is Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried). But what’s even stranger is it seems that no one even remembers Bo. Especially, when out of nowhere Aife (Inga Cadranel) arrives on Kenzi’s doorstep looking for her daughter. In a very cool, geektastic flashback, Kenzi’s lunch meeting with Aife mirrors her first meeting with Bo. Kenzi learns Aife’s memory has been tampered with. She asks Trick (Rick Howland) his advice but when he sees a photo of Bo his magical blood goes nuts.

It becomes clear that everyone’s memories have been altered. They need to track down a super special compass. Their only solution is to attend a Dark Fae party held by a collector Engelram (George Takei). Dyson goes to ask the new Morrigan Vex (Paul Amos). He blackmails Vex because apparently everyone thinks Evony died on the toilet (according to Vex).

Kenzi must go undercover at the event. It’s nice to see her on her own. Her relationship with Bo is great but it’s great to see her unique human abilities and her vital part of the group. However, with great power comes great responsibility. It seems her Jubilee makeover is because she’s getting help from The Druid (Tim Rozon) and he wants his money.

At the event, Kenzi stuns everyone. She takes Hale to the dance floor and showcases her amazing ballroom dancing skills. Solo was a professional dancer and even starred in Black Swan. Dyson gets hit on by a nymph (Mia Kirshner). Dyson cuts in and dances with Kenzi and Hale. Kenzie wins the attention of Engelram who is a wish granter. She gets the compass but then he wants to eat her. Haven’t these people learned that Dark Fae can’t be trusted?

Vex arrives on the scene and gets into an epic fight with Dyson and Hale. Dyson and Kenzi take on the Engleram who not only has a murderous tale but snake puns as bad as Arnold Schwarzenegger in Batman & Robin. They succeed in returning everyone’s memories. However, at that same moment in a bad part of town Aife and Trick have met for the first time in hundreds of years and girlfriend has a knife!

The episode ends with Lauren (Zoie Palmer) regaining her memories. Her bad wig and nametag reveal that she’s undercover and on the run. Dyson is still searching for Tamsin (Rachel Skarsten) because she was the last to see Bo alive. Meanwhile, two eyes open and we see Bo’s signature baby blues. 

Best Lines of the Episode

This is so Raiders [of the Lost Ark]  Here’s hoping this Ark contains less Nazi face-melting goodness. – Kenzi during her stakeout

Kind of a dude’s name am I right?  – Kenzi in response to Bo’s name

It’s true there’s no record or physical indications I’ve given birth. Though a succubus’ body is her weapon so there would be no wear and tear, so to speak. Would you like to see for yourself? – Aife 

Scanning for stretchmarks … Pass. – Kenzi in response to Aife

Evanescence! –Vex in response to Hale’s powers