‘Lost Girl’ Recap: Eternal Sunshine of the Werewolf’s Mind

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This week’s episode of Lost Girl can be summed in two bizarre sentences:

Lauren helps Bo use a Kabbalah bracelet to hack into Dyson’s memories. They have to find a pair of Tom’s shoes that give you Wolverine claws.

No joke! That’s what happened. Luckily, as with most flashback episodes, it gives major origin and character development. Plus, Dyson hasn’t had as much screen time these past few weeks.

Last episode, Dyson was detained by the Una Mens. It seems like it was because he and Bo were sleeping together. The real reason is he allegedly murdered a bunch of humans and Fae. As stated earlier, Bo and Lauren try to find his alibi by entering his memories. But memory travel requires The Red String of Fate which bears a striking resemblance to Madonna’s favorite accessory. This episode brings back the hilarious Dark Fae oracle, Cassie (Vanessa Matsui). She was amazing in the episode “Dead Lucky” as a lollipop-sucking, twerking super Fae. And she did it before Miley.

In Dyson’s memories, Bo literally enters Dyson by reliving his experiences in his body. This opens up a world of double entendre. They go to 1899 France, which bears a striking resemblance to the Old West. Apparently, because Bo is merging with Dyson, their memories blur together and the cast play different roles in his past. Kenzi is a French bar maid, Vex is a bumbling French prince, and Trick is… Trick. Lauren is Dyson’s wood Fae love interest the creatively named Flora Bloom. Zoie Palmer showcases an amazing singing voice and some French vocal styling.

This episode has a lot of bizarre throuple vibes. Lauren and Dyson have seemed to embrace each other as family. Bo has sex with her version Lauren while in Dyson’s body. It makes for a metaphysical three-way. It seems like the writers are just guiding everyone towards television’s first polyamorous relationship. That scratching sound is One Million Moms trying to figure out how to sign a petition on America Online.

The plot of the episode is pretty formulaic. As expected, Bo gets stuck and Lauren saves her. In an interesting twist, Bo rescues Dyson and Kenzi. What’s really juicy is this episode fills in a lot of Dyson and Trick history. We’ve only seen Dyson as the loyal werewolf soldier who gets separated from his pack. He spent the rest of his time as a con-man and a philanderer. Trick even gets his nickname from Dyson sarcastically shrinking the name Fitzpatrick McCorrigan. It’s also revealed that Dyson helped Trick form the Fae community we know and love.

The episode ends with some pretty major questions. The Wander is still being referenced but no one can really place how or why they know his name. The Una Mens are super untrustworthy and are responsible for crimes Dyson was tried for. In their hunt for the Helskór, which are a pair of Tom’s shoes that turn you into a killing machine… unless you’re a worthy warrior. Bo and Kenzi point out that Trick has been shockingly unhelpful in The Wanderer and Una Mens drama. Could this be a clue? Here’s hoping the Wanderer isn’t Trick. Because that would mean that he slept with his daughter so Bo could be his all-powerful mate. Also, the Big Bad question remains: is it the Una Mens or The Wanderer?

SuccuBest Lines of the Episode

“Latin is a dead language!” –Kenzi in response to a monk dying

“Heartwarming. What’s next? Soy candles and a little Tegan and Sarah?” –Cassie the Oracle

“Imminent death, hair-frizzing humidity… yeah, what a snoozefest.” –Kenzi

“It stinks here! Dear Period France. Wash!” –Cassie

“I always thought I’d go motel poolside. A twizzler in one hand and Liam Neeson in the other.” –Kenzi’s ideal death