‘Lost Girl’ Recap: 12 Years a Fae

Lost GirlShowcase

This is the first Bo-centric episode of the season. Anna Silk is back from maternity leave and feistier than ever. “Lovers. Apart.” is surprising because it focuses on characters that rarely get their own storylines. Lauren (Zoe Palmer) is still in hiding. Meanwhile, Evony the Morrigan (Emmanuelle Vaugier) is back with a vengeance. It looks like this episode, is focused on the Bo/Dyson/Lauren threesome and where they all are in the wake of Bo’s disappearance last season.

Bo & Dyson

The episode begins with Dyson (Kris Holden-Ried) and Clio (Mia Kirshner) on the train having just missed Bo. It’s unclear where in the infinite number of dimensions Bo could end up jumping off a moving inter-dimensional train but that will not be explained later. Dyson is suffering from transcendental sickness which happens to normal people who dimension jump. Apparently, there are no booster shots, so consider this before making any trips to the fourth dimension. Clio is able to heal him and use a piece of Bo’s dress to track her.

Bo, loopy from hanging with Dr. Who, lands in an empty cabin in the woods. The house belongs to Ian Jenkins (Lochlyn Munro) a family man with a daughter, Julia (Chloe Rose), who is a bizarro version of Kenzi. It turns out this family has a secret. Bo tries to save bizarro Kenzi from her father who bears a disturbing resemblance to Scott Peterson. However, as usual, Bo is mistaken.

It turns out a body jumping Fae cleverly named Jumbee, is trying to kill every member of the Jenkins family. Bo leads bizarro Kenzi right to her. As ususal, Bo is conveniently rescued by Dyson. Bo, ridden with guilt, tries to stop Jumbee so she gets succubus-ing. When she steals some chi she ends up face-to-face with the mortal Jumbee (Neema Bickersteth). It turns out she was thought to be a witch, she’s actually an elemental Fae. She and her interracial lover are murdered and separated. Dyson and Cleo find their remains and Dyson and Bo recite wedding vows to put Jumbee’s soul at peace.

It’s a great moment for Team Dyson fans to see Bo and Dyson finally together. They may be part of a throuple with Lauren but something just feels so right about Bo with Dyson because they fell in love in the first episode. It’s also worth noting that Lost Girl  does not shy away from diversity and having Jumbee as part of an interracial couple. Although, it would be helpful for the audience to know what time period she’s from. It seems to have elements that could tie it to slavery or colonial times which isn’t particularly clear. #missedopportunity

Clio inevitably betrays Dyson. However, Bo’s fried brain was healed by Jumbee so she royally kicks Clio’s ass because they don’t need her anymore. Apparently, unbeknownst to the audience, they’ve been on Earth in our dimension this whole time. It seems weird that no one took issue with Jumbee being a Fae and mating with a human.


Meanwhile, at the Lace-front Diner, poorly-wigged Lauren is connecting with fellow waitress, Crystal (Ali Liebert). The two ladies bond, mostly because Crystal wants to get freaky with Lauren and in a huge surprise, she actually gets to. This is a new Lauren who isn’t scared to get a little wild. However, Lauren does get scared by a call to the diner so she hits the road. Crystal surprises her in her car and betrays her. However, in a bizarre twist of fate, Dyson and Bo drive right by not realizing Lauren is getting kidnapped. Oh Snap!

The Morrigan

Evony is back with a random eye patch. It looks like now she’s the MoRRRigan now. #badpiratejokes She looks like she has a renewed sense of purpose after being enslaved by Vex. She kills a few people with her power to inspire people to turn into puddles. She gets Massimo the Druid (Tim Rozon) to give her a new eye and reveals that they have a long history. Does this mean she will take advantage and take over Kenzi’s drug debt?

Best Lines of the Night

Bitch, I think your brain broke. – Bizarro Kenzi

When you’ve been in power as long as I have, everyone’s a child. –Evony

Don’t disappoint me like Chanel Number Goo, did. –Evony

[My Boots] might make this homeless person’s nightey thing your rocking look like an actual fashion choice. –Bizarro Kenzi about Bo’s Damaged Outfit