‘Lost’ Reunion: Terry O’Quinn Joins ‘Hawaii Five-0’

terry o'quinnWe have to go baaaaaaaack! Sweetness, you guys, sweetness. Terry O’Quinn, the absolutely fantastic and I’ll-beat-you-up-if-you-disagree Locke on Lost, has joined the cast of Hawaii Five-0 as a recurring character. He’ll play some high ranking Navy dude who trained McGarrett (Alex O’Loughlin) and could know a thing or two about his parent’s death. O’Quinn playing a mysterious character? Shocking.

I’m hoping that they won’t waste O’Quinn in the role like they have with their other guest stars (I’m looking at you Diddy, even though it wasn’t your fault) and I think the fact that he’ll be recurring signifies that he won’t. I’m also hoping for a few Lost jokes, but this is CBS we’re talking about and inside jokes don’t exactly fly over there. One can hope though. One can hope.

Source: TV Line